You did it – you finally scheduled that liposuction surgery

You’re incredibly excited for your results. After all, you’ve been crushing it at the gym and eating all the right foods – you just need a little extra help with fat that won’t respond to all of your hard work.

We’re thrilled for you, too! That’s why we’re here with the seven tips you need to enjoy your best liposuction recovery.

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7 Liposuction Recovery Tips to Get Results Faster

1. Give your body time.

Don’t rush to recover right away, especially during those first pivotal days after surgery. Fully invest in your rest and relaxation – that way, you won’t end up putting your results at risk!

2. Prep beforehand.

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a pre-op checklist to ensure an optimal surgical procedure.  You may be required to have certain lab tests and discontinue medications or supplements.  Please follow all pre-op instructions.  Stock up on easy-to-make meals, DVR your favorite shows, and ask friends and family members to check in on you during that first week of recovery.

3. Follow your post-op recovery plan.

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with a post-op plan you can follow to ensure you have a healthy and safe recovery. Follow it to the letter, as it’s designed with your safety (and liposuction results!) in mind.

4. Attend your pre and post-op appointments.

It’s vital to attend your pre-op and all of your post-op appointments with your plastic surgeon, as this will provide time to review your questions, have a full examination before and ensure that your recovery is going well.

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5. Time your return to work carefully.

It’s usually recommended that you wait at least one week before going back to work. If you have a more manual job, we may even extend that recommendation to two weeks.

6. Stay out of the gym.

In general, we recommend that patients recovering from liposuction procedure wait at least four to six weeks before hitting the gym again.

7. Stay healthy!

Continue practicing healthy habits, including hydrating, eating right, and going for light walks when you feel ready to do so.

“Dr. Aycock performed my liposuction years ago and I was so happy with the results that when it was time for fillers, I would not have considered any other medical group. Sandra is the injection nurse and she took the time to determine what my concerns were before the procedure. Then she worked on me like an artist, looking at me under different lighting and angles. I was very comfortable during the filler injections and couldn’t stop smiling. This is just the second day of recovery and I already see a major lessening of the folds around my mouth. Next appointment already made!” *


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