Are Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Safe?

Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery are extremely safe in this day and age. With numerous advancements in techniques, less invasive surgeries and custom-tailored procedures for specific areas you want to improve, you may only need a fraction of the downtime that used to be associated with surgery such as a facelift or breast augmentation. However, as with any medical procedure, it is very important to do your homework when it comes to choosing the right surgeon.

Some doctors consider themselves “cosmetic surgeons” without any official board certification, which can be a huge red flag. This “title” requires no specialized training, only minimal general surgical training, no examinations or tests to pass, and often these surgeons often mainly practice in another field such as family medicine or gynecology. It is crucial to look for a board-certified plastic surgeon, and moreover, to look for credentials from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is widely considered the only legitimate plastic surgery board amongst the medical community.

Board-certified plastic surgeons have gone through rigorous training, and receive certification only after three to six years of residency and an additional two to three years of further training. The total time it takes a surgeon to become certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery ranges from ten to twelve years of intensive post-graduate work. Candidates must also pass an extensive written exam as well as an oral exam given by experienced board members to receive their certification. In addition, strict compliance with continuing education is required to maintain their Board status.

The question of how safe cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is mainly comes down to the credentials that your surgeon has earned. A general surgeon may be able to perform basic procedures such as a tummy tuck, but you run the risk of obvious and unnecessary scarring and complications that you didn’t expect. A board-certified plastic surgeon understands both the science and the art of surgery, and has trained in the latest refinements and techniques so that you can have the best possible experience and an outcome that you are proud to show off. A surgeon’s credentials should be very easy to find, both in their office and on their website.

Any surgeon can get a few positive testimonials and before and after pictures, but with so many “cosmetic” surgeons out there, the real proof lies in the credentials. Dr. Robert Aycock has been practicing since 1988, and has been seen in Forbes Magazine as one of “The Ten Most Dependable Plastic Surgeons of the Western United States.” But don’t just take it from them, check out his other credentials from The American Board of Plastic Surgery and prestigious memberships in organizations such as The American Medical Association, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and numerous others. Plastic surgery has come a long way and is safer than ever before, and with experienced and certified surgeons like Dr. Aycock, you can breathe easy knowing you are in trustworthy hands.

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