The skin on the upper arms can become relaxed with age as the tissue gradually loses fat. The resulting depletion of volume and loss of skin laxity causes loose and sagging skin — the dreaded arm jiggle that becomes a source of embarrassment for many. If you feel self-conscious about the condition of your arm skin, we encourage you to consider the confidence-building benefits of the arm lift procedure, also known as brachioplasty.

Motivations for Arm Lift Surgery

In addition to fighting sagging due to aging, Brachioplasty is also a popular option as part of a comprehensive post bariatric surgery program for patients who’ve had surgical weight loss procedures. The goal of arm lift surgery is to reduce the circumference of the upper arm and to create results that look natural. The condition of your skin and the degree of tightening needed will help Dr. Aycock personalize your procedure and plan a specific reshaping strategy.

Steps of an Arm Lift

During an arm lift procedure, Dr. Aycock places incisions on the inside of the arm, at the spots where tissue is noticeably lax and where they will be least visible. Excess skin is removed and the incisions are sutured. If there are localized fat deposits, Dr. Aycock can use the liposuction technique to remove fatty tissue as well. Patients recovering from arm lift can expect total healing of the arm in 3 – 6 months but will be able to return to work within one to two weeks. You’ll notice a smaller upper arm with a significantly diminished movement of the skin. The tightening, youthful shape makes it easy to wear tank tops or dresses without worry.

Alternatives to Brachioplasty

There are surgical and non-surgical alternatives to Brachioplasty for some patients who are either not good candidates for the procedure or prefer a different approach. ProLipo (laser liposuction) is a surgical procedure that removes fat and tightens the skin in the upper arm and armpit. VelaShape™ and SkinTyte™ are non-surgical procedures for improvement of extra fat and skin in the upper arm. These options will be discussed in more detail in future blogs.


Choosing Your Arm Lift Surgeon

Dr. Robert Aycock has extensive experience helping men and women reshape their arms with this gentle lifting technique. The results are dramatic and will provide you with a toned arm appearance that lasts many years, especially if you do your part to keep up muscle tone with fitness and a proper diet.

Learn more about the arm lift procedure with a personalized discussion of your aesthetic needs. To schedule your consultation, please contact Dr. Aycock at (925) 727-3337 .