Why would anyone consider getting BOTOX® injections? Shouldn’t we embrace growing older and view wrinkles and other signs of aging as evidence of wisdom?

As unfortunate as it may sound, our society thrives on judging people by their physical appearance, especially during first impressions. Aging gracefully means accepting your physical self, but it can also mean enhancing your features when they seem to be working against you.

Factors like sun damage, aging, and genetics can all conspire to change the appearance of your face, whether you like it or not. Forehead wrinkles, brow furrows, and frown lines can gradually creep in, leading others to believe you are tired, irritated, or grumpy, despite your actual mood. Whether you are at work or in a social situation, the last thing you want to do is feel intimidated or discouraged by your own appearance.

BOTOX is not just a treatment for wrinkles; it is a way to escape the feeling that your personality does not match your appearance. People who choose BOTOX are not unhappy with who they are, they just may not want to be prejudged by facial characteristics that do not accurately reflect how they feel on the inside.

BOTOX patients reap many benefits, including improved youthful appearance and increased self-confidence. BOTOX patients are from all walks of life, namely men and women who want to feel good about how they look.

If you are a working mom tired of being judged by others who may think you are unhappy or grumpy, you may want to consider doing something for yourself; BOTOX sessions can promote a relaxed, energetic appearance. If you are competing for jobs with professionals who are half your age, BOTOX can smooth your facial appearance and provide that extra boost of self-confidence that can carry you far. If you are a divorced man or woman in your 40s or 50s, BOTOX may give you the confidence you’ve been looking for each time you look in the mirror and see a more youthful version of yourself. Whatever your stage in life, BOTOX can offer enhancement and help you look and feel as vibrant as you are.

If you are unhappy with those lines between your eyebrows staring back at you each time you look in the mirror you may want to consider getting rid of them. Dr. Robert Aycock is an excellent choice for your BOTOX treatment.

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