Every woman has a uniquely beautiful form. But for many females, small breast size, asymmetrical breasts, or imbalanced breast shape can be a source of self-consciousness or embarrassment. A change in breast size or shape can be a very positive way to enhance physical proportions and improve self-confidence.

Thanks to safe cosmetic surgery, features like breast appearance can be altered using today’s state-of-the-art techniques. Breast enlargement surgery is a wonderful way to improve your form and achieve the proportions you have always dreamed of.

So, how do you choose the breast implants that are right for you? Here, we offer a few brief suggestions on ways you can make the decision an easy one.

  • Choose Your Material. Silicone implants offer safety and comfort along with a very natural look and feel. Plus, there are many options as far as style and texture are concerned. Saline implants are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes; however they are a less popular choice for today’s breast augmentation patients.
  • Learn From Past Patients. Check out before and after photos of breast enlargement patients to see which types of implants you prefer. Speak to other women who have had breast enlargement surgery and get details on their experiences.
  • Ask Your Doctor. Try to communicate your ideal breast appearance to your surgeon to help him or her better understand your goals. You can bring in magazine photos and articulate exactly what you don’t like about your breasts to help your doctor recommend your best choice.

If you are hoping to enhance your figure with breast implants, a skilled breast surgeon can help you choose the size and style of implant that will give you the results you are looking for. To learn more, talk to an experienced cosmetic team about your breast implant options. A good place to start is to contact Dr. Robert Aycock in the San Francisco Bay Area for experienced plastic surgery advice.

—Lindsey Kesel, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant