How Can I Reduce Brown Spots and Even My Skin Texture?

Let’s face it – we all want the kind of complexion that could easily end up on the cover of a magazine. The only problem is that this type of complexion can’t be achieved through topical skin creams alone. And unless you’ve been genetically blessed with perfect skin, you might need a little extra boost to reduce brown spots and even your skin texture.

Fortunately, the Sciton Halo skin resurfacing laser is here to answer your prayers. This FDA-approved laser technology combines ablative and non-ablative laser functionalities to help achieve your best skin ever. That means Halo can remove the top layer of the dermis, encourage collagen production through the creation of micro-channels, or both.

The Sciton Halo laser allows your plastic surgeon to select which option is best for your particular complexion. For example, if you have uneven skin texture, your plastic surgeon could gently yet effectively remove the top layer of the dermis to reveal smoother skin. If, however, your skincare problems have more to do with sun damage, your plastic surgeon can adjust the Sciton laser so that it creates micro-wounds deep within multiple dermis layers. As a result, your skin’s collagen production will be triggered, thus producing younger, firmer, and better-looking skin.

Benefits of Halo Laser Treatments.

Like many laser resurfacing treatments, most patients should expect to see red and sensitive skin immediately after the procedure. It’s important to wear sunscreen, as your skin will be particularly vulnerable to the sun’s rays. You may need 3-5 treatments before you see your ideal results, which will be visible within 8 weeks after your last Halo treatment.

To learn more about the Sciton Halo laser and how it can reveal your best skin ever, schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock in Walnut Creek, CA (925)-937-8377 or Greenbrae, CA (415) 925-1700.

Dr. Aycock serves the greater San Francisco Bay area.



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