As the years roll on, you may notice signs of aging making their mark on your face, such as wrinkles, grooves, and sunspots. But growing older doesn’t have to mean compromising your appearance. Cosmetic surgery can help people over age 40 gracefully enhance their look with safe facial procedures tailored to individual needs.

With state-of-the-art techniques, experienced cosmetic surgeons are able to take years off your appearance. Surgical facial procedures like facelift and eyelid lift can dramatically reduce the signs of aging that tend to make men and women self-conscious or less confident.

If you’re looking to minimize premature aging or evidence of your true age, visit a San Francisco plastic surgery practice about procedures like these:

Facelift — A facelift is the most popular anti-aging facial surgery for 40+ patients. During this procedure, the facial skin is tightened around the scalp, creating a smoother, younger-looking appearance all around.

Mid Facelift — The mid facelift offers results in the central facial area with less invasiveness and downtime than the full facelift.

Neck Lift — The neck lift is perfect as a complement to the facelift or a stand-alone procedure to improve the look of sagging neck skin.

Brow Lift — A brow lift is a great choice for men and women who want to minimize forehead wrinkling, frown lines between the eyes, and eyelid sagging.

Eyelid Lift — Choose an eyelid lift to correct drooping eyelids and/or bags under the eyes.

Cheek Implants — Because aging involves a loss of volume and fullness in the cheeks, a cheek implant can be used to restore that youthful contour.

Lip Augmentation — Lip augmentation (or lip implants) combats the loss of volume in the lip area common in people over 40.

Discover the amazing transformations that are possible with cosmetic facial anti-aging procedures. From subtle to dramatic, you can choose the options that are just right for you. Take a look at a few before and after images to explore the possibilities, and then contact Dr. Robert Aycock today for a personal facial cosmetic surgery consultation.

—Lindsey Kesel, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant