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Halo SkinTyte for Skin Tightening

SkinTyte is an innovative technology developed solely to tighten and tone loose skin – all without requiring incisions or extensive recovery. SkinTyte achieves these results through the power of laser heat energy. When this energy is used to heat the skin, the dermal layers immediately contract. Perhaps more importantly, laser heat energy encourages long-term collagen production, which is crucial for creating firmer skin that shows off all of your hard work.

Best of all, since SkinTyte doesn’t require surgery, it’s safe and suitable for most patients.

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What to Expect from Your SkinTyte Treatments

SkinTyte is a type of laser therapy, so patients should expect to feel a heating sensation throughout the procedure. However, the device comes with a cooling sensation, so you shouldn’t be uncomfortable. The entire procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes to perform, depending on the area that’s being treated. You should anticipate undergoing a series of 3-5 treatments every 1-2 weeks to see the results you’re looking for.

SkinTyte doesn’t involve incisions or major surgery, so you’ll be able to resume your normal activities after your procedure.

Awesome experience! Would be back to see Dr. Aycock for any other surgery. From the staff to my results… everything was excellent!


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