Liposuction is going through some changes – and if you haven’t already heard, those changes could make it even easier for you to experience liposuction without all the downtime and discomfort.

Laser-assisted liposuction is a brand-new surgical procedure that combines the body contouring benefits of liposuction with the power of laser heat energy. Together, the hybrid treatment liquefies fat at a treatment site, thus minimizing post-op swelling and bruising.

Let’s take a closer look at how laser-assisted lipo actually works, including the bonus benefits that come hand-in-hand with this innovative treatment.

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Here’s How Laser Lipo Works

The magic of laser-assisted liposuction happens at the tip of the cannula, a thin instrument that helps your plastic surgeon target and remove fat tissue. With traditional liposuction, the cannula manually breaks up the fat tissue, which can often lead to bleeding, bruising, and swelling. 

With laser-assisted liposuction, however, the tip of the cannula emits laser heat energy, which causes the fat tissue to liquefy and drain. That means less bleeding and tissue damage, which seriously cuts down on a patient’s post-op recovery time.

Is Laser Lipo Permanent?

Laser-assisted lipo results can last for a long time, but like with traditional liposuction, they only stick around if you’re committed to maintaining your results.

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That’s why the best candidates for laser-assisted liposuction are individuals who are already following a healthy diet and exercise regimen but may need a little extra help eliminating stubborn fat tissue.

Does Laser Lipo Tighten Skin?

As an added bonus, the heat from laser-assisted liposuction can trigger collagen production in the treatment area, leading to noticeably tighter and smoother-looking skin.

Body contouring and skin tightening benefits? No wonder laser-assisted lipo is quickly becoming one of our most popular surgical treatments!

Dr. Aycock performed my liposuction years ago and I was so happy with the results that when it was time for fillers, I would not have considered any other medical group. Sandra is the injection nurse and she took the time to determine what my concerns were before the procedure. Then she worked on me like an artist, looking at me under different lighting and angles. I was very comfortable during the filler injections and couldn’t stop smiling. This is just the second day of recovery and I already see a major lessening of the folds around my mouth. Next appointment already made!


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