You may think you have your skincare regimen down – but without regular facials, your skin cannot achieve its ultimate glow. Monthly facials are a great addition to any skincare regimen, as they can help:

  • Unclog pores
  • Increase cellular turnover
  • Minimize scarring and hyperpigmentation
  • Enhance moisture
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Whether you are looking for skin that always has a fresh, healthy glow or you are preparing for a special event, our aesthetician Kristie shares how to make your facial experience beneficial and achieve your best skin ever:

  • Know your goals: In order to get the most from your facial treatment, it’s important to understand what you want to achieve. Facials can be customized to meet each patient’s skincare goals that may range from minimizing hyperpigmentation to restoring moisture for dry skin. Knowing your goals can make it easier for your aesthetician to select the appropriate treatment.
  • Select a regular facial: Not all facials are meant to be part of a regular skincare regimen. A glycolic peel, for example, is best done every few months, not on a monthly basis. A hydrating facial – like the Hydrafacial – can be included in a regular skincare regimen, as it’s designed to unclog pores and moisturize the skin with vitamins and other protein-packed serums.
  • Understand your schedule: Make sure you schedule a regular facial to be performed right when your results are starting to fade. For example, if you undergo the Hydrafacial, you can schedule a monthly appointment, as these results typically last for four to six weeks.

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