Smooth, supple skin can become weathered as the years roll by. Age, sun exposure, and loss of skin elasticity causes the neck skin to reveal wrinkling, sagging, and age spots. There is a cosmetic procedure called a neck lift that can help men and women combat these problems and regain a youthful neck appearance.

Also referred to as neck reshaping, a neck lift is customized to help you minimize signs of aging and excess fat around the neck and jawline. The neck lift procedure is often combined with facial plastic surgery for a rejuvenating look. It is important to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform your neck lift to ensure the delicate neck skin is expertly reshaped for the most natural-looking results.

Benefits of neck reshaping include:

  • Rejuvenated appearance
  • Enhance facial profile
  • Minimized skin sagging
  • Reduced wrinkling
  • Thinner neck
  • Slimmer appearance under the chin
  • Improved jawline definition

How a Neck Lift is Performed

The incision is placed under the chin, behind the ears, or both, depending on your needs. After choosing the incision site, your surgeon will use the liposuction technique to remove excess fat if necessary, Then, the weakened muscles and surrounding skin are tightened. Schedule a neck lift consultation with a skilled cosmetic surgeon to get all the details on this procedure.

If you are self-conscious about aging in the neck area, take a look at a few before and after photos of neck lift results. Then contact Dr. Robert Aycock to schedule your consultation and learn about patient financing options.

—Lindsey Kesel, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant