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Liposuction in San Francisco, CA

The body does not necessarily remove fat from areas that the patient prefers during weight loss. Instead, the body tends to remove fat from areas that have the largest fat deposits and areas that had fat deposited last. For this reason, patients may become frustrated when they lose weight in the wrong areas. Fortunately, modern liposuction methods can remove fat in a way that causes minimal pain and a shorter recovery time.

What Residents of San Rafael, CA Can Expect From Liposuction

With ultrasound-assisted liposuction, the plastic surgeon liquefies the fat and then removes it using a tube. Most patients can go home after the procedure unless the patient had a large volume of fat removed. When large amounts of fat are removed, the patient may need general anesthesia and deep sedation. During the recovery process, the patient is wrapped in elastic bandages, support hoses or other pieced of medical equipment to hold the body together to reduce swelling and pain.

Liposuction Has Come a Long Way

Dr. Robert Aycock provides patients in San Rafael, CA with liposuction services. He also provides a variety of other services that can be used in combination with liposuction.


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