Tummy Tuck in Greenbrae, CA

For many dieters, the tummy is the last in a long line of areas where they want to lose weight. The tummy is often the first place where the individual gains weight, and is one of the last places where the individual loses it. While fat leaves the body, the skin remains, and the body often has visible stretch marks left over.

Flatten the Stomach with a Tummy Tuck for Residents in Greenbrae, CA

Those who have the tummy tuck procedure are able to get their bodies back. The procedure is not designed to change who the patient is, but instead provides them with the body that they might have lost after gaining weight. Most find that a flat tummy is one of the most attractive features that someone can have after dramatic weight loss.

There is Only So Much That Sit Ups Can Do

Dr. Robert Aycock offers the tummy tuck procedure to patients living in Greenbrae, CA. Dr. Aycock will remove excess fat and skin. He will also tighten the muscles in the midsection so that the patient develops a very slim midsection that looks attractive.