Breast Augmentation in San Rafael, CA

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Breast Augmentation in San Rafael, CA

Getting a breast augmentation can give you a renewed sense of confidence. Having breasts that are the right size for your body can allow you to wear clothing with confidence and present your best self to the world. Dr. Robert Aycock offers breast augmentation to residents of San Rafael, CA who are unhappy with the size of their breasts.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Before you undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you will meet with Dr. Aycock to make some important decisions about the surgery. First, you can try several different prosthetics in order to decide what size implant is right for you. Dr. Aycock will recommend the best place for the incisions so that any scarring will be hidden after you heal. During the surgery, Dr. Aycock will make the incisions, place your chosen implants securely, and close the incisions so the recovery can begin.

Dr. Robert Aycock

Dr. Robert Aycock has been a practicing cosmetic surgeon for over 20 years. He moved to the Bay area in 1993 and has been providing his expertise to the area ever since. Dr. Aycock is both a skilled surgeon and a compassionate person who inspires confidence in his patients.


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