Plastic Surgery in Berkeley, CA

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Plastic Surgery in Berkeley, CA

After losing a lot of weight, many patients dislike the flab that still remains in various areas. Some choose to have tummy tucks so that they can avoid the sagging skin that results from the loss of skin elasticity over time. However, another area where patients would love to make improvements is in the arms and legs. Fortunately, loose skin around the arms and legs can be corrected with arm and leg lifts.

Arm and Leg Lift Plastic Surgery Options Are Available for Residents of Berkley, CA

Arm lifts are designed to reduce the excess skin sometimes found around arms. After the procedure, patients have arms that look more toned and proportional to the rest of the body. Leg lifts might involve the tightening of the skin tissue to reduce loose skin, or may involve implants to augment the size of the legs.

Plastic Surgery is the Next Step

Dr. Robert Aycock offers arm and leg lift plastic surgery options for patients in Berkeley, CA. After significant weight loss, the next step is to tighten the body through arm lifts, leg lifts and tummy tucks. Dr. Aycock uses methods that are minimally invasive and that will reduce the risk of scars afterwards.


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