Plastic Surgery in Danville, CA

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Plastic Surgery in Danville, CA

As the lips age, they appear drier, less plump and more wrinkled. As a result, the lips begin to look older and less attractive. Even those still in their twenties might have lips that are less full than what they would desire.

Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery Makes a Significant Difference for Danville, CA Residents

Lip augmentation relies on the use of fat or collagen to give the lips a fuller appearance. In many cases, the fat or collagen is transferred from another area of the patient’s body to the lips. There are also new materials that are increasingly being used for lip augmentation. The types of materials used include Dermalogen®, AlloDerm®, Autologen®, Radiance®, and Gore-Tex®. Radiance is one of the longest lasting lip augmentation materials; however, many patients may prefer more natural implant materials.

Lip Augmentation Makes Lips Sexier

Dr. Robert Aycock offers lip augmentation plastic surgery to residents of Danville, CA. Some lip injections can have an impact on the appearance of the lips, while other materials are designed to be temporary. Regardless of the desired effect, Dr. Aycock is able to perform treatments in a manner that is minimally invasive, and that will not leave noticeable scars.


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