Plastic Surgery in Greenbrae, CA

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Plastic Surgery in Greenbrae, CA

Some small adjustments made to the face can have a dramatic effect on the physical attractiveness of an individual. One cosmetic procedure that is not considered as often, but that can make a real difference, is cheek implants.

Cheek Implant Plastic Surgery Makes Greenbrae, CA Residents More Youthful

Malar implants make cheekbones more projected and will give patients a much more feminine appearance. They are placed directly on the cheekbones and are made of similar materials used to augment breasts. Some patients may instead opt to have fat removed from one part of the body and placed onto the cheekbones. Submalar cheek implants are used to make the cheeks look fuller overall, helping to lessen the unattractive, gaunt appearance. Patients also have the option of having combined cheek implants.

Have a Much More Youthful Face

Dr. Robert G. Aycock offers plastic surgery to residents located in Greenbrae, CA. Dr. Aycock can make incisions that minimize scarring; the incisions are usually made on the inside of the mouth so that any scars that do occur will not be visible. Instead, all the patient will have are fuller and more youthful cheeks.


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