Plastic Surgery in Novato, CA

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Plastic Surgery in Novato, CA

Chin implants are ideal for patients who have normally functioning teeth and jaws, but would like to have their profiles altered by changing the shape of their jaw. The implant placed within the jaw is designed to be biocompatible and is placed over the jaw’s bone structure. The chin will then look stronger and wider. Some patients use chin implants to make their faces look somewhat longer.

Chin Implants are the Facial Plastic Surgery Option for Residents of Novato, CA

Chin implant surgery is designed to alter the chin so that patients do not need to use soft tissue fillers. The plastic surgeon examines the structure of the chin and then determines the shape, size and materials that would be ideal for creating the appearance that the patient desires. After creating an incision, the plastic surgeon creates a pocket inside where the implant is inserted.

Have a Face That Looks More Proportional

Dr. Robert Aycock offers chin implant plastic surgery for residents of Novato, CA. If a patient does not like how his or her face looks, the plastic surgeon might perform face work to make it look more proportional.



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