Plastic Surgery in San Rafael, CA

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Plastic Surgery in San Rafael, CA

Unfortunately, some individuals are cursed with ears that stick out or that have deformities that make them look less attractive. Luckily, otoplasty techniques have been developed that allow for ears to be adjusted in such a way that prevents them from sticking out. Ear pinning is a method of adjusting ears that protrude or look unusual.

Ear Pinning Plastic Surgery for Children Located in San Rafael, CA

Ear pinning is one of the safest forms of plastic surgery and is performed on patients as young as four years old. The reason why ear pinning is often performed at the age of four is due to the fact that ears are typically fully formed at that age. Ear pinning can be performed in a non-surgical way, and the procedure is carried out under anesthesia to minimize the risk of pain. The ears can be gradually molded until they are moved to the most natural position in the head.

Children Can Escape the Ridicule of Having Irregular Ears

Dr. Robert Aycock provides ear pinning plastic surgery services to patients located in San Rafael, CA. By gradually retraining the cartilage, patients can have better-looking ears for the rest of their lives.

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