Reverse the signs of aging with a facelift!

While it may not be possible to turn back time, the modern facelift makes it possible to reverse signs of aging and appear years younger. All people age differently, and often, people end up looking older than they are, or older than they feel inside, due to factors such as genetics, sun exposure, and even stress. A common component of the aging process also includes the loss of elasticity in the skin. This leads to an older, more tired looking face as wrinkles, folds, and fat deposits on the face and neck begin to appear.

The great news is that the facelift has come a long way and gone through so many vast improvements in recent years, that now patients are often pleasantly surprised by how much shorter the recovery time is with the modern facelift. Gone are the days when a facelift meant weeks of rest bandaged up at home. Dr. Aycock is considered by his peers and patients both as one of the best in the field of facial cosmetic surgery. He has perfected the latest proven techniques so that you don’t have to put your busy life on hold for long at all.

Advancements in technique allow for an expert plastic surgeon like Dr. Aycock to remove excess fat, tighten underlying tissues, and strategically place small sutures in camouflaged locations. These stitches can usually be removed within one week, and any swelling or discomfort you may experience after surgery often abates within just a few days. It’s no wonder that patients are deciding to tackle signs of premature aging at younger ages than ever before with all the benefits modern cosmetic surgery advancements have brought. Moreover, techniques from recent decades allow for more natural-looking results that last longer than in past decades.

Whether you are just starting to notice fat deposits appearing in your face, fine lines turning into deeper wrinkles or if you are looking to help smooth out substantial folds that have become more apparent over the years, a facelift may be just the answer you are looking for to shed years off your appearance and leave you with a glowing, rejuvenated face. Dr. Aycock is happy to offer interested patients a complimentary initial consultation. It only takes a short time out of your day to come in and find out for yourself if this increasingly popular procedure is the right choice for you to look and feel your very best. Call (415) 925-1700 to learn more.

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