Have you always felt that your nose just doesn’t quite fit your face? Do you zone in on your nose in the mirror and view photos of yourself with a sense that there’s room for improvement?

The cosmetic procedure rhinoplasty is an effective method to reshape your nose and improve contour in order to bring a sense of balance and harmony to your face. Achieving a new, personalized profile designed by you and Dr. Aycock can be an long-term source of self-confidence and pride.

The goal of any rhinoplasty at Dr. Aycock’s plastic surgery practice is to provide you with a nasal structure that greatly enhances your aesthetic beauty and appears completely natural as well.

Nasal Design

Building a new nose based on your existing bone structure is an engineering feat that requires a high skill level, a firm grasp on the principles of bone and tissue reshaping, and an ability to not only articulate a vision, but also to bring that vision to reality with sophisticated plastic surgery techniques.

In the process of renewing your nasal profile, Dr. Aycock will perform a methodical facial analysis. The final nose design must be visually appealing on its own, as well as in relation to other facial features like the chin, cheeks, and forehead.

Every face is unique — what may be considered an overly prominent nose on one individual may appear weak or small on another. While Dr. Aycock is faced with the task of creating a nose shape that is pleasing to the eye, he must also design and execute a final nose appearance that brings all other features into balance. Finally, Dr. Aycock must ensure that any changes made respect the flow of air through the nostrils and allow for optimal breathing function.

What Would You Change?

Does your nose seem to broad, long, or bumpy for your liking? Perhaps the nostrils are too wide, or the tip is too bulbous. Whatever the problem, Dr. Aycock can work with you to develop a refreshed, attractive nose. Feel free to bring in photos of specific nose types that you find appealing. Dr. Aycock and his team will help you settle on a final design that is just right for your face. In some cases, the addition of a chin augmentation or cheek implants may help improve a patient’s rhinoplasty results.

To get an idea of the results that are possible with rhinoplasty, we invite you to view our nose surgery before and after photos. If you are ready to discuss the benefits of nose surgery and find out if you are a good candidate, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Robert Aycock at your earliest convenience.