Unhappy with your nose? Maybe you feel it’s a bit bumpy, large, or asymmetrical and distracts from your other facial features. Perhaps the tip is too bulbous, the bridge too flat, or the nostrils too small. If you’ve suffered a nose injury in the past, it may look a little “off” and seem to stand out. Some patients seek nose surgery just to improve breathing. Whatever the reason, a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Robert Aycock can help you reshape your nose to a more pleasing, attractive shape.

Designing a New Nose

There are a wide variety of changes Dr. Aycock can make to help you achieve your ideal nose shape. Most common is the removal of excess cartilage and bone to create a subtler, smoother appearance. For patients who wish to enhance a particularly small nose, Dr. Aycock can add tissue to reach the perfect size and shape. Above all, Dr. Aycock will make certain that airflow is optimal and functionality of the nose is not compromised by your physical alterations.

It does help the team if you have an idea of what you’d like your new nose to look like, but don’t feel you have to have an exact depiction in mind. Dr. Aycock will show you a variety of before and after photos to get a feel for your preferences. You’ll start by discussing the aspects of your nose that you are not too fond of and go from there.

Rhinoplasty Steps

On surgery day, you’ll be sedated using general anesthesia. Dr. Aycock will begin the rhinoplasty reshaping by making incisions and pulling back the nasal skin to access the tissue underneath. The nose structure is gently altered according to exact specifications, followed by a redraping of the skin.

Finally, Dr. Aycock sutures the incisions and applies a nose splint to protect the area. The team will let you know exactly what to expect during the healing process and provide explicit instructions to ensure a safe and productive recovery.

Find out how cosmetic surgery can help you get the nose you’ve always wanted. To set up a personal rhinoplasty appointment, please contact Dr. Aycock at (925) 727-3337 .