SmartLipo™ in Greenbrae, CA

Liposuction has become increasingly more effective as plastic surgeons have developed new techniques. One procedure that is now available to patients is SmartLipo™. This is a procedure that involves minimal surgery and can recontour the body with the use of a laser. The surgeon first applies a local anesthetic to the area of the surgery. Then, the surgeon must insert a cannula under the skin. While a small incision is required, this is the most minimally-invasive liposuction procedure available.

Residents of Greenbrae, CA Can Avoid Extensive Surgery with SmartLipo™

The laser is capable of causing fat to swell and burst into fatty oil. When there is a large amount of fatty oil, the plastic surgeon will use a suction device to remove the excess fat. When there is less fat, the body will simply absorb the oil and dispose of it with the liver. The area that is treated will be stimulated in such a way that triggers collagen production.

SmartLipo™ is the Most Cutting-Edge Approach

Dr. Robert Aycock offers SmartLipo™ to residents of Greenbrae, CA. He is able to perform the procedure in such a way that will minimize the incision and the scars resulting from the procedure.