You’ve recently undergone a rhinoplasty procedure – and now you can’t wait to show off your new looks!

A rhinoplasty procedure (otherwise known as a nose job) can be a real game-changer for individuals who may have wanted to change the appearance of their original nose. An enlarged or misshapen nose can throw off facial symmetry; a bulbous tip or nose injury can feel like a focal point of attention. When a rhinoplasty addresses these cosmetic issues, patients often feel a newfound sense of confidence that makes them ready to take on the world!

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Many patients often ask when they can undergo other facial procedures, particularly a Hydrafacial. This innovative seven-step facial cleanses, exfoliates, conditions, and prepares skin for its best appearance ever. Since there aren’t any peels or resurfacing involved, many patients believe that they can undergo a Hydrafacial within weeks after a rhinoplasty procedure.

However, patients should be aware that they need to wait until they’re fully healed before undergoing a facial procedure of any kind. The reason why is simple: your nose is still sensitive and vulnerable to change while you’re healing from your rhinoplasty. For that reason alone, your plastic surgeon will recommend avoiding placing treatments on or around your nose in order to avoid potentially undermining the results of your surgery.

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In particular, the Hydrafacial uses vacuum technology to unclog pores and cleanse the skin. This technology creates pressure that can cause swelling, bruising or another type of setback that might prevent you from fully healing from your rhinoplasty procedure.

In general, it takes about eight to twelve weeks to fully recover from a rhinoplasty procedure; for many patients, they may not see final results from their nose job until a year later. After this time, you can work with your plastic surgeon to see if you’re eligible for a Hydrafacial treatment.

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