If your breasts are different sizes or shapes, you are not alone. While perfect breasts are the standard in Hollywood, very few women are actually born with identical breasts. Asymmetry is a very common occurrence and may manifest in many ways, including shape, size, nipple height, or areola size variations.

While asymmetry in natural breast tissue is normal, you don’t have to keep them that way. Expert surgical correction from Dr. Robert Aycock is an effective avenue to ensure your breasts are more closely matched.

Could You Benefit From Corrective Breast Surgery?

For many women, the philosophy that “you feel good when you look good” rings true. A physical imbalance can lead to feelings of self-consciousness or low self-esteem, and a surgical improvement can free the mind from obsessing over these imperfections. Thankfully, breast surgery offers a time-tested option for women who want to improve the appearance of differing breasts.

You may be a good candidate for breast asymmetry surgery if you are bothered by the appearance of your asymmetrical breasts, the imbalance makes it difficult to find bras or clothes that fit, and you feel a change would enhance your self-confidence.

Personal Breast Design

Breast asymmetry surgery requires an in-depth physical evaluation to fully understand the problem and develop a fitting solution. You want to make sure your surgeon has many years of experience along with the proper skill necessary to deliver a beautiful, natural-looking result. If you undergo corrective breast surgery on one or both breasts, Dr. Aycock will tailor your procedure to precisely fit your personal needs.

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Depending on your degree of asymmetry, Dr. Aycock will choose the technique or combination of techniques carefully to deliver ideal proportions. While slight asymmetry can often be corrected with minimal manual excision and tissue reshaping, more dramatic cases of imbalance may require additional or alternative methods.

A breast augmentation procedure can be performed with two different sized implants to help you achieve a uniform appearance. If you have one breast that is much larger than the other, a breast reduction may be used to even out the tissue. After a thorough physical examination and discussion of your breast appearance goals, you and Dr. Aycock will decide on the best method of achieving your perfect result.

A more aesthetically pleasing, balanced breast appearance can do wonders to create a positive body image. To discuss your breast asymmetry correction opportunities, please contact Dr. Robert Aycock in the Bay Area.