“Those forehead wrinkles weren’t their yesterday, were they? And where’d those crow’s feet come from? My arms never used to flap like that when I wave…”

If these notions sound familiar and you’re concerned about signs of aging on your facial and body skin, it may be time to consider the incredible perks of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Robert Aycock is a skilled cosmetic surgeon who understands that his patients want to fight signs of aging with natural-looking enhancements. That’s why he takes the time to create personalized cosmetic changes that will not only rejuvenate your appearance but also do so in a subtle, sensitive way. You want people to notice, but keep them guessing as to the source of your invigorated appeal.

Every one of our surgical anti-aging solutions is tailored to fit your unique appearance goals. We can review the physical traits that make you self-conscious and design an anti-aging program to target one or several areas of concern.

Anti-Aging Procedures Available

  • For sagging skin on the thighs, arms, or buttocks, the leg lift, arm lift, and butt lift can improve the appearance of flabby skin and slim these areas.
  • The neck lift takes care of loose skin, wrinkling, and fat deposits that typically appear after age 40.
  • The eyelid lift is a very effective treatment for drooping eyelids that can make you look older than you are.
  • The facelift and the midface lift are ideal for addressing multiple facial aging issues at once, including wrinkling, loss of elasticity, deep creases, and more.
  • Lip augmentation is a popular way to treat loss of volume and wrinkling of the lips due to aging.

See how easy and affordable cosmetic skin improvement can be. If you’d like to discuss your surgical options for younger looking skin, please contact our office in the Bay Area today.