What Our Patients Have To Say

Dear Dr. Aycock,

Thank you for sharing your spectacular gift of cosmetic surgery with me.  I am so grateful and elated for the physical transformations that you helped me with in April.  In particular my shoulder pain is gone and I never knew exactly how much the mole on my face bothered me until now; I celebrate its removal each time I look in the mirror.  Your skills and staff are professional and trusted.  I am very happy with your work.  Thanks for your caring and wonderful work and support.



“Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I scheduled my procedure for December.” – A.G.

“I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Dr. Aycock’s office.” – C.L.

Dr. Aycock and all of the staff,

Thank you for wonderful medical care, personal concern and genuine kindness! While it’s been great getting to know you all over this past year with 4 surgeries, I look forward to some time away!
It’s wonderful to know that you are all a phone call away if the need arises. So very much appreciate that you take us insurance patients! I got lucky that way with you all & especially Doc.

– Anonymous

“I appreciate the time and care both Dr. Aycock and Linda took to help me understand my various options, in terms of the different procedures, and the expected results, recovery and cost of each. They both were very patient with all my questions & concerns and thorough in their explanations.”

– Dr. Aycock’s Patient

He is such a great Dr….made me feel totally at ease, especially with the difficult emotional stuff I’m going through.

– Anonymous

Sandra administered Juvederm and Botox. She did a great job!

– Anonymous

Hi Linda, it was very nice to meet you as well and I thank you for the email!! I have no doubts about Dr. Aycock doing my surgery or the results…I’ve been to several Doctors for consults and never felt a better match!!! I believe you really have to feel completely comfortable and that was a mistake I have made in the past. So it isn’t goint to be a question of “if” he will be my doctor it’s “when” will he perform my surgery? I’m in the business of nurturing and he has an amazing bedside manner extremely professional but also very personable!! he made me feel like an individual and not just another patient trying to get me in and . So with that said I look foward to seeing u again in the near future…thanx again and have a great day!

– Anonymous

Had gone to another dr before. Dr Aycock blew my husband and I away with just a few words and actions. Definitely going to use him for my procedure.

– Amanda

I LOVE Dr. Aycock! He is an amazing surgeon, he does a fantastic job! Very professional, I still brag about him to this day.. I have had several procedures with him, and EVERY TIME he is spot on! I will never bother trying to find another Dr. Aycock, I will just get on a plane and go to him.. He IS that good! XOX Dr. A you rock!

– Alice M.

Dear Dr. Aycock and staff, Walnut Creek and Greenbrae,

I don’t know if you know this or not, but I went shopping for you. I interviewed three plastic surgeons while doing my research.

From the moment I stepped into your Walnut Creek office, I felt warmth and a connection. Then I met Linda. What a doll! We clicked immediately, and I am quite certain this dream of mine would have never come true without Linda’s unwavering diligence. She kept in touch with my insurance company and together with the RN there, made this happen.

I never felt rushed in your offices. I have only seen professionalism, a courteous staff in Walnut Creek and Greenbrae, and a warmth that cannot be taught. From Robin to Lauren to Linda to Mona and Dr. Jacobsen and anyone’s name I am forgetting I have only been treated with the utmost kindness always. I have called your offices many many times and my calls were always returned promptly, even when I knew Linda didn’t really have the time to chat with me.

It has been 9 days since my surgery, and I would do this again in a hot minute.

When my blood sugar was too high for surgery, Dr. Aycock left me the kindest message on my cell phone which meant so much to me.

I never had a bad day after surgery. My cousin called me daily and asked me if I was having a bad day or a lot of pain. She told me everyone that had this surgery at her work had a very painful experience. I was a little worried that this was going to happen to me also. But on day 2 and again on day 3 when I had no pain, I would tell her no, I was doing great. I did read the instructions and listened to Linda and Dr. Jacobsen and did everything that was asked of me, but I know it was because I had the very best surgeon. I only feel elation. Dr. Aycock said he was going to change my life, and he did!

I was thrilled to go shopping at Victoria’s Secret and actually fit into the bras and panties there. This is the first time in my life that I have had a matching set because not too many people carry a 42H. I am now a 38D and so very happy.

I am saving my pennies for a tummy tuck, so I will return Dr. Aycock.

Thank you again for the warm, friendly, competent patient care which exceeded my expectations. I will refer anyone to you as I know they will have the same wonderful experience that I did.


—Happy Happy Patient

“Breast Reduction Dramatically Improved My Life…

I used to be embarrassed and self-conscious about my large breasts. Clothes never fit properly, and I had constant neck and shoulder pain. After breast reduction surgery, my life has changed dramatically.

I can now wear whatever I want – even bathing suits and button-down blouses. I have so much more confidence and no more pain. I would encourage anyone who’s suffering from large breasts to get help. I wish I had done this years ago.”


“I have had the opportunity to observe many of Dr. Robert Aycock’s patients over the last several years in my capacity as a Medical Aesthetician. The quick healing, natural-looking results and extremely high level of post-procedure satisfaction are an indicator of the quality and attention to detail they receive from Dr. Aycock and his staff.

Dr. Aycock is dedicated to providing the most current techniques and very highest standard of pre and post-operative care.

Having worked closely with many of his patients, I can only give Dr. Aycock the highest recommendation, both personally and professionally.”

—Julie Drennan McCord L.E.

Cosmetic Rehabilitation Specialist

“I was beginning to look like a crabby old lady. It was time to do my face! I asked my Aesthetician, who gives me facials, and my Dermatologist who they would recommend and both said Dr. Aycock. When I made an appointment to see him, I paid attention to who was walking through his door and what I saw were beautiful, natural-looking faces. I didn’t especially want to look younger, but I did want to look great for my age. (I did end up looking younger, too!) It’s wonderful to now have my face reflect the peace and

happiness I feel inside. Dr. Aycock and his staff were patient with my many questions and very supportive. Their good humor helped me get through a big step in my life.”


“I have only one face, so I entrusted it to Dr. Aycock!!! It was a perfect decision. In fact, everything about my facelift was perfect.

The preconsult was warm, friendly, low-key and very informative. All questions were answered in detail, and the computer imaging was invaluable. All subsequent calls to Dr. Aycock’s office were handled very professionally even though I hadn’t yet made a decision to go ahead with the surgery.

Surgery went exactly as described. There was no pain and Dr. Aycock’s post-op care was superb. His staff called every day for two weeks to see how I was progressing or if I had any questions. Post-op office visits were frequent and thorough. It was very apparent that Dr. Aycock deeply cares about his patients on a very personal level.

I have only one face that now looks rested and younger and natural. Absolutely no one has guessed that I had a facelift, and my husband’s favorite comment now is “He or she should go see Dr. Aycock.”

Most sincerely,

—Dianna (Marin County)

I found Dr. Aycock to be very professional along with everyone associated with his office. I was pleased with the outcome of my procedure. Dr. Aycock was very specific on what I needed to do before and after surgery. I followed his recommendations, and my recovery progressed as scheduled. I was particularly impressed with the amount of follow-up visits that he required. I felt that he wanted to monitor my recovery and be certain that it all went well. He was very supportive, reassuring and willing to answer all of my questions.


“Over the past ten years, I have had several cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Aycock. And

having seen my results, friends and acquaintances have found their way to his practice. I return and refer for so many reasons.

In addition to being very satisfied with my surgical results, I appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere of his office. I am pleased with Dr. Aycock’s attention to detail and his ability to clearly explain to me what he will be doing. His staff is most cordial and always patient in answering questions or handling aftercare concerns. Overall I’d give Dr. Aycock and his staff five out of five stars.”

P.S. Love his surgery center in Greenbrae


“Yesterday I revisited Dr. Robert Aycock after his surgery on my face in 1998. At 76, I needed a bit of his particular magic! Some of the thoughts that flowed strongly through my mind:

…9 years of unexpected glimpses in a restaurant ladies’ room, or glances in random mirrors out of the blue—who is this fresh looking woman?

…9 years of astonishment at having OTHER WOMEN notice the difference in my face and be impressed—even complimentary!

…9 years of disbelief at the deep crow’s feet between my eyes, which to this day have not reappeared.

…9 years of “you are HOW old?”

…9 years of hundreds of compliments about my face.

…9 years of just pure delight at feeling younger and prettier and happier!

…9 years of rediscovering my eyes (without folds and lines and creases), which I’ve always felt were my best feature and are still surrounded by quite smooth skin.

…How did such joy and tangible results occur? I was fortunate enough to discover ROBERT AYCOCK! A thoughtful, intensely bright, dedicated, SKILLFUL, caring surgeon. An example: after my surgery (and I had “the works—facelift, brow lift, eyes, CO2 laser on eyes, mouth and brow) I was concerned about a section of my face which didn’t look right, and he met me in his office on a SUNDAY MORNING to take a look. Of course, there was nothing at all seriously wrong, but I was left with a lasting impression of a professional WHO REALLY CARES! Nine years of success hasn’t changed Dr. Aycock: still the keen listener, evaluator, diagnostician, wrapped in sincere empathy and understanding of we fragile humans.

THANK YOU!!!!!!”


Dr. Aycock,

“You treated me a while ago with Restylane and Botox. I was very happy with your work –

there was very little bruising. Today I went in for a facial and met Geri Carbajal. She is just what I was looking for. I signed up for five more treatments and purchased some products. I would also do the laser, but I can’t get to Walnut Creek just yet. Wanted to let you know how pleased I am that you offer these services. I can take care of my face in the proper way and use correct products.”

Thank You,