Large breasts may be the envy of many women, but those with excessively large breasts know that the disadvantages can be overwhelming.

An abundance of breast tissue is a physical nightmare for a lot of women. The extra weight often causes back, neck, and shoulder problems, chronic pain, and heavy stress on the bones and joints. Breathing problems and skin irritation are common occurrence, and large breasts tend to sag even before aging takes its toll. Activities like running, lifting, and various fitness activities are challenging. It can be difficult to find bras and clothing that fit comfortably. There’s also an unspoken emotional stress that many women with large breasts endure. Unwanted stares from both men and women affect self-confidence and self-esteem. If you struggle with the physical and emotional effects of oversized breasts, the cosmetic procedure breastreduction offers a permanent solution.

Dr. Aycock will help you decide on the incision location and size that will look and feel great. Dr. RobertAycock removes excess breast tissue and helps you achieve your ideal cup size. During the breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will remove the pre-determined amount of fat and breast tissue. He will also remove a portion of the breast skin to tighten any sagging to create a more aesthetically pleasing shape. He then repositions the nipple and areola to create a natural appearance. The result is a lighter, more youthful breast contour that improves the overall contour of your figure.

Good breast reduction candidates have fully developed breasts and realistic expectations about the procedure’s effects. This surgery is not recommended for women who plan on nursing.

If you struggled with the problem of heavy, awkwardly oversized breasts, consider the many benefits of breast reduction surgery. You can learn more about breast reduction when you contactDr. Aycock at (925) 727-3337 .