For many of people, diet and exercise alone will not be enough to help them achieve their ideal body size and shape. Body contouring is a safe and effective way to enhance your figure and create a look you can be proud to show off. The tummy tuck procedure is a popular plastic surgery option that lets you target one of the biggest problem areas for men and women — the stomach “pooch.”

The tummy tuck surgery has been performed on millions of patients worldwide. The results can be amazing, especially when you choose a highly skilled plastic surgeon who can help you reach your ideal proportions. For men, the tummy tuck can dramatically reduce the “spare tire” appearance, creating a more chiseled, toned stomach. For women, the removal of excess fat in the tummy area can not only knock off a couple of pant sizes, it can improve the chest-to-waist ratio and enhance overall proportions. This procedure is also great for patients who have lost weight and want to remove loose skin for a more youthful, solid stomach appearance. A mini-tummy tuck is available for patients who need less correction than the full tummy tuck offers.

During the tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty), the surgeon removes excess skin and tightens the stomach muscles. Liposuction may be used to remove stubborn fat tissue. Incisions are hidden in the pubic area and belly button for a smooth, flawless tummy appearance. Read more about what happens during surgery and what to expect post-operatively.

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—Lindsey Kesel, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant