Top 5 Reasons to Get a Breast Augmentation

1) Your clothing does not fit as desired

Some women feel that their breasts are out of proportion with the rest of their body, causing their clothes to fit awkwardly. Perhaps you have a pear-shape with wide hips yet very small breasts, and find that you feel awkward in form-fitting dresses. Or you may feel that your smaller breasts make you look boxy and showcase features such as broad shoulders that make you feel less feminine. Whatever the reason, if you feel like your clothing doesn’t fit the way it should due to your breast size, a breast augmentation may be the right choice for you. Take control over your body and turn getting dressed for the day or a nighttime soiree from a disappointing tornado of discarded outfits to a simple and satisfying experience. By enhancing your breasts to fit your body type, you will be thrilled with your current or new wardrobe.

2) You do not like the proportions of your breasts

While it is very common for many women to have one breast slightly larger than the other, some women have breasts that can differ as much as one, or multiple, full cup sizes. If uneven breasts have you feeling self-conscious, there is no reason to remain feeling anxious about getting undressed or donning a bikini. A breast augmentation can create even, well-proportioned breasts of the size you desire for restored confidence.

3) Weight loss or pregnancy

The gratifying experience of losing weight can come along with some unexpected consequences. Namely, the full breasts you enjoyed while you were larger will likely have lost weight as well, causing you to lose cup size or suddenly show a general saggy appearance. Likewise, pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, yet it can leave your breasts in a similar situation— gaining fullness and later losing it due to weight loss and the strain of breastfeeding. If you want to bring back the fullness of larger breasts for good, a breast augmentation could be the answer for you. Dr. Aycock might also recommend a breast lift if you want to address issues like sagging or a deflated look after weight loss or pregnancy.

4) You are self-conscious about your breasts

Many women go through life feeling self-conscious about their breasts for a variety of reasons. Some women simply feel that their small breasts make them look less feminine than they wish. Others are worried about breasts that sag, nipples that seem to droop and point down, or they are simply unhappy about the overall shape or size of their breasts whether they are disproportionate or cone-shaped rather than a pillowy round shape. If you have been taking blows to your self-esteem and feeling less than beautiful due to the way your breasts look, a breast augmentation can help you to feel fantastic inside and out.

5) Long lasting results with a fast recovery

Breast augmentations have come a long way. New, advanced techniques for less downtime than ever before and less invasive methods that lead to minimal scarring are available. Different styles and types of implants from silicone gel to saline implants come in a variety of sizes, textures, and profiles so you can meet your aesthetic goals and receive the fantastic new breasts that best fit with your body type. It only takes a day or two after surgery to be up and walking, and (depending on the activity level) you could be back at your job as quickly as just a few days. With all of the advancements in breast augmentations, there is no reason not to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Aycock. Contact us at (415) 925-1700 today!

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