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What Is VelaShape™?

VelaShape™ uses a combination of massage rollers and heated suction to remove the appearance of burdensome cellulite that isn’t diminished through regular diet and exercise. VelaShape™ is particularly effective on problem areas where cellulite buildup can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Benefits of VelaShape™

VelaShape™ offers a variety of benefits that can help improve your appearance and lessen the look of dimply skin, including the following:

  • Minimize the look of cellulite or “orange peel” skin.
  • Help improve target areas such as the thighs, buttocks, arms, and legs that are not as responsive to diet and exercise.
  • Give you smoother, softer looking skin.

Preparing for VelaShape™

You should come to your treatment with clean, dry skin. Do not apply any perfume or lotion. If necessary, you should shave the affected area for better results. Be sure to drink plenty of water (to help with skin’s plumpness and elasticity) and if your stomach is being treated, do not eat for an hour after your treatment.

How Does VelaShape™ Work?

VelaShape™ breaks down areas of fat and cellulite using a combination of heated (Infrared and radiofrequency) suction and massage rollers. The process increases the metabolism of stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage and reduces or shrinks the size of the actual fat cells and fat chambers. You’ll look toned and slim, and the appearance of cellulite will be decreased. Results will be evident in as few as four treatment sessions.

VelaShape™ Recovery

VelaShape™ is virtually painless and patients can resume their normal activities immediately. Many patients tell us that VelaShape™ feels like a deep, heated massage. Your comfort is Dr. Aycock’s primary concern, and during your free consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions or have any concerns addressed.

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