When searching for an ideal cosmetic surgery center to perform your face, breast, or body contouring procedures, make sure you look closely at the surgeon’s before and after images before making a decision. These photos can reveal a lot about a doctor’s skill and artistry and help you better understand what is possible with each procedure.

Dr. Robert Aycock offers extensive photo albums of his past work, including online albums of the following procedures:

Whether you are interested in surgical body or facial recontouring, or nonsurgical enhancements, before and after photos are a valuable resource for helping you choose both your procedure and your surgeon.

Every step of the surgical process plays a role in the patient’s final appearance, from the pre-operative exam and screening to the post-operative recovery process. When you look through his extensive collection of before and after photos, it becomes clear that Dr. Aycock’s perfect combination of skill and artistry are products of his careful attention to detail and extreme precision during each step. Dr. Aycock’s 20+ years of experience and his continued commitment to learning new techniques have also helped him achieve a distinct level of surgical mastery.

Keep in mind that each patient’s results can vary and that your individual results will depend on a number of factors including your age, skin condition, and incision placement. Although reviewing photos of our San Francisco plastic surgeon’s past surgeries delivers some insight into his capabilities, Dr. Aycock will be able to give you a more personalized summary of what you can expect during your comprehensive cosmetic surgery consultation.

If you’d like to see Dr. Aycock’s full range of talents, please contact our office today to schedule your personal consultation, where you’ll have the opportunity to view numerous before and after photos of the procedures that most interest you.