Did you know there are different kinds of facelifts – including one that can help restore long-lost volume to your cheeks, as well as improve the appearance of undereye bags?

A mid-facelift is a specific type of surgical procedure that’s designed to restore fullness to the cheek area and minimize signs of aging around the eyes. Unlike a full traditional facelift – which often focuses on the entire facial region – a mid-facelift primarily focuses on the cheeks and eyes. Patients who don’t want to get a traditional facelift may be ideal candidates for the mid-facelift procedure.

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Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock specializes in the mid-facelift procedure at his practices in Walnut Creek, CA and Greenbrae, CA. Many patients who are interested in undergoing a facelift procedure often find that they can achieve their ideal results better with a mid-facelift.

But how do you know if you really need one?

While everyone is different, you may benefit from a mid-facelift if:

  • You’ve lost considerable volume in your cheeks
  • You have undereye bags that don’t respond to sleep or topical treatments
  • You have sagging skin around the jawline
  • You have hollow cheeks or hollow areas underneath the eyes

Patients should expect to take about 10 to 14 days off of work to recover from the mid-facelift procedure. After this point, you’ll be able to return to most of your normal activities. You’ll probably have swelling and bruising for the first few weeks after the surgery; in general, you can use makeup to cover any surgical bruising after about two weeks.

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