If you’re interested in undergoing an eyelid lift, you may have asked yourself if you’d see better results if you got an upper eyelid lift or a lower eyelid lift.

But how can you make the right decision if you’re not sure what the differences are between the procedures?

That’s why we’ve decided to help potential patients understand the difference between an upper and lower eyelid lift, including which procedure might be right for your specific needs.

Let’s take a look!

Upper Eyelid Lift 101 

An upper eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) is a surgical procedure designed to correct excess drooping from the eyelids and eyebrows. Candidates with hooded eyelids or excess skin drooping can see great results from this procedure; additionally, an eyelid lift can remove fatty tissue from the upper eyelid area.

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*Individual Results May Vary


All About the Lower Eyelid Lift

A lower eyelid lift is designed to target excess fat bags and skin directly under the eyes, which helps make a patient look more awake and alert. Excessive undereye bags can be caused by the breakdown of fat pads; therefore, having that excess fat removed can help make that individual look younger and more well-rested.

The Difference Between an Upper Eyelid Lift and a Lower Eyelid Lift 

So what’s the main difference between an upper and lower eyelid lift? You may have already guessed, but the differences can be found in the specific results that can be delivered by each treatment. The upper eyelid lift can help tackle sagging eyelids and drooping eyebrows, while the lower lift can correct under eye bags and other skin drooping.

Some patients may qualify for both treatments, which can be done separately or at the same time.   

Regardless of which option you select, you should be a healthy nonsmoker who has realistic goals for your plastic surgery procedure.

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