What Is the Difference Between a Breast Lift and a Breast Augmentation?

Is a breast lift or breast augmentation right for you?Are you interested in transforming the look of your breasts – but aren’t quite sure which surgical procedure is right for you?

It’s not surprising; after all, it can often feel as though there are several procedures designed to address cosmetic and medical issues surrounding the breasts. Two of the most popular procedures – breast augmentation and breast lift – are designed to help women achieve more confidence by lifting or increasing the size of the bust.

But when it comes down to it, what is the difference between a breast lift and a breast augmentation?

Essentially, the main difference between the two procedures is that breast augmentation is designed to increase breast volume via silicone or saline implants, while the breast lift is designed to lift and restore perkiness to the bust. Many women may not understand which procedure is right for them; however, here’s a basic outline:

  • If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts because they’re drooping or have lost considerable volume since breastfeeding and/or aging, you might be a good candidate for a breast lift.
  • If you’re interested in increasing the size of your bust or want to correct any asymmetrical issues, you may be a good candidate for a breast augmentation procedure.

Ideal candidates are healthy women over the age of 18 who do not smoke. If you’re being treated for an ongoing medical condition, you will need approval from your physician before undergoing either procedure.

To learn if you’re a good candidate for a breast augmentation procedure or breast lift procedure, schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock in Walnut Creek, CA (925)-937-8377 or Greenbrae, CA (415) 925-1700.

Dr. Aycock serves the greater San Francisco Bay area.

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