The sun can be a sneaky enemy to your skin, causing damage little by little. With every exposure, your delicate facial skin can suffer gradually until signs of premature aging become hard to ignore. Thankfully, there are state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures designed to minimize the various signs of sun damage like fine lines, creases, pigmentation problems, and more. When you meet with an experienced anti-aging cosmetic surgeon, you can discuss the issues that bother you most and develop a personalized sun damage treatment plan together.

Here are a few of the options available to fight the signs of sun damage:

  • Facelift — The facelift procedure is a powerful anti-aging tool, successfully erasing deep creases and wrinkles through a time-tested skin-tightening technique.
  • Necklift — Choose a necklift if you have noticeable bands around the neck or loose skin that could benefit from tightening.
  • Brow Lift — A brow lift is designed to rejuvenate the forehead area, minimizing wrinkles, furrows, and creases left by years of expression and worry.
  • Eyelid Lift — The eyelid lift targets the area most likely to reveal aging first. By removing excess skin, eyes will look refreshed and more youthful.
  • Laser Resurfacing — Laser skin resurfacing uses laser technology to remove skin’s worn top layer and reveal fresh, new skin underneath.
  • Nonsurgical Facial Fillers — With procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvederm™ Radiesse®, and Restylane®, you can “fill in” wrinkles and folds, add volume to certain facial features, and rejuvenate your facial appearance.
  • Chemical Peels — With chemical peels and other skin care services, you can improve skin tone, diminish acne, and get a healthy glow.

If you are interested in these incredible treatments to rejuvenate the skin, but you are concerned about cost, patient financing is available to help you get the look you desire.

Want to learn more about the many skin-saving procedures available to help combat sun damage? Set up a consultation with San Francisco plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock and find a solution that’s just right for your skin type.

—Lindsey Kesel, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant