Excited about the idea of undergoing breast augmentation surgery, but not sure how much time you’ll need to take off from work?

We sought to de-mystify exactly how much time it takes to recover from this popular surgery, including when you can return to work after breast augmentation.

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The Recommended Time to Return to Work After Breast Augmentation

The best time to return to work will largely depend on your comfort levels, how your body heals, and the type of work you perform. Let’s dive into that a little more:

1. Your comfort levels.

Ultimately, if you’re still healing from your breast augmentation surgery, don’t feel like you have to rush back to work if you don’t have to. Successful breast augmentation recovery is critical for fully enjoying your results, so don’t rush your healing in a way that could be potentially dangerous.

2. Your body’s healing time.

Everyone heals differently, so your ability to return back to work after breast augmentation surgery may be different from someone you know who has had the same surgery done. Don’t feel pressured to recover in a way that’s identical to anyone else you know; you’re unique, and so is your recovery!

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3. The type of work you perform.

If you have a desk job, it’s highly likely that you don’t do any heavy lifting or manual work. For that reason, patients who work at a desk most of the day can return to their jobs earlier than patients who have more manual work. If you have an active job, you will need two weeks, if not more, before returning to work. All patients are prohibited from lifting anything over five pounds for at least one month after breast augmentation surgery. Review your job description with the patient care coordinator so you can have the best recovery you can.

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On average, most patients feel confident and healed enough to return to work after about one to two weeks of recovery. It’s best to wait for your plastic surgeon’s recommendation to return to work, as he or she can give you the green light you need.

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