Cosmetic surgery is not only a highly skilled science, it’s a delicate artform that requires an astute eye and a deep understanding of each individual’s needs. If you are considering enhancing your appearance with one or more of the incredible cosmetic procedures available today, make sure you count experience as one of your most important surgeon attributes.

No matter how skilled or artistic a surgeon may be, years of experience with a variety of different patients helps build a strong foundation of knowledge that no textbook can provide. By experiencing many real-world scenarios and leading patients from curiosity to positive change is a wonderful way for doctors to grasp the importance of their role and to deal with very diverse cosmetic needs.

If you’ve thought about plastic surgery, but aren’t sure where to start, talk to neighbors, friends, and family members to find out whom they recommend. You can also place a few phone calls to surgeons in your area to get feel for their service standards and ask questions about experience and other factors.

Remember, board certification is no guarantee of great results. Surgeon skill and experience can vary greatly depending on where you go. Finding a trusted plastic surgeon like San Francisco’s own Dr. Robert Aycock can mean a world of difference in the personal service you receive as well as your surgical outcome.

With more than 20 years of experience in all types of cosmetic procedures, including breast surgery, facial rejuvenation, and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, Dr. Aycock has helped countless patients achieve beautiful, natural results. Have a look at some of his before and after photos to get an idea of his experience and his capabilities.

Dr. Aycock, in his specialty of plastic and reconstructive surgery, has held staff positions at many California facilities, including John Muir Medical Center, Marin General Hospital, Novato Community Hospital, Greenbrae Surgery Center, and the Breast Center of Northern California. He was also named the best plastic surgeon in the Northbay for 2008-2009.

Learn more about Dr. Aycock’s experience and set up a consultation to find out how he can help you reach your body goals. Please contact Dr. Robert Aycock today for your confidential cosmetic surgery orientation.

—Lindsey Kesel, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant