Charitable Events

Bay Area Charitable Events

Diablo Women

Dr. Aycock has been a fundraising partner for Diablo Women since 2003. The beneficiaries of the events have been:

  • 2003 Stand! Against Domestic Violence
  • 2004 St. Vincent’s Day Home
  • 2005-2006 Friends of faith
  • 2007 Wardrobe for Opportunity
  • 2008 Women’s Initiative for Self Employment
  • 2009 Taylor Family Foundation
  • 2008 Marin Humane Society

Marin Family Action

Marin Family Action (MFA) is concerned about the economic, social and wellness issues of families and individuals in Marin. They are a strong grassroots organization that is successfully creating pathways for clients to become knowledgeable advocates in improving their social and economic quality of life.
Goal Oriented Outcomes

Marin Family Action uses a continuum of care approach in our delivery of services to our constituency. This approach is important, as it focuses on goal-oriented outcomes. We have long known that to break down barriers to affordable housing and home ownership, the process begins with the family or individual establishing or reestablishing their credit worthiness. Our clients are taken through a well thought-out plan of action, and a step-by-step approach through all phases of money management and fiscal responsibility. This approach to services also enables our clients to become more effective in realizing financial stability in order to achieve home ownership. It is vital for families and individuals to have this knowledge in order to achieve that goal of ownership. Important too, as it assures successful outcomes for our clients through this continuum of care approach.

Financial Self-Help Program

Clients in The Financial Self-Help Program are asked what their financial goals are, for example:

  • Setting and negotiating with creditors to lower balances and/or interest payments
  • Making financial restitution with Banks and other lending groups in order for clients to secure checking and savings accounts
  • Meeting requirements for Shelter program rules
  • Home ownership

Coalition Of Financial Institutions For Youth Financial Literacy In Marin County High Schools

The Youth Financial Literacy in Marin County High School/Novato High Pilot Program was initially conceptualized in March 2005 by Marin Family Action (MFA). MFA is a community-based, nonprofit organization serving the needs of community residents in Marin County, California.

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