Post Bariatric Surgery

What Is Post-Bariatric Surgery?

Post-bariatric surgery removes the excess skin, fat, and some tissue left over from extreme weight loss due to bariatric surgery. It most commonly affects the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and other problem areas where excess skin can develop.

After undergoing bariatric surgery and making significant lifestyle changes, you’ve successfully shed pounds – sometimes hundreds of pounds. Unfortunately, you haven’t been able to shrink the sagging skin that was left after the weight disappeared. Because your skin and tissues have been stretched and have lost elasticity, they simply can’t conform to your reduced body size. Your body offers no support for the stretched skin, so it sags and droops. You may have some of the following issues:

  • Your upper arms may appear loose and full.
  • Your breasts may become flat, and your nipples may point down toward the floor.
  • Your abdomen may extend over your groin and back, resulting in an apron-like overhang.
  • Your buttocks, groin, and thighs may sag, causing hanging pockets of skin.

If you opt for post-bariatric surgery, Dr. Aycock will use a variety of body lift surgeries to improve the shape and tone of the tissues underneath your skin. This surgery will help to support your skin, muscles, and fat, making your body’s contour look smoother and more attractive.

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Benefits of Post-Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a life-changing procedure which is further augmented by having post-bariatric surgery performed to complete the process. Benefits include the following:

  • An improved self-image.
  • Removal of irritating skin flaps and droopy skin.
  • More toned, beautiful skin.
Post bariatric surgery with Robert Aycock, MD, FACS

Preparing for Post-Bariatric Surgery

You may be asked to have lab testing or a medical evaluation done to rule out any external issues that may interfere with your surgery. You may also be asked to start, discontinue, or adjust your current medication schedule. You’ll recover more quickly if you stop smoking, and you should avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, or any herbal supplements as these can increase bleeding.

How Is Post-Bariatric Surgery Performed?

Because there may be extensive areas of skin that need to be removed to complete the procedure, large incisions may be made to remove and tighten skin. You will be placed under anesthesia for this process. Afterward, you may notice some bruising and swelling as your skin regains elasticity and begins to form its natural shape.

Post-Bariatric Surgery Recovery*

Your recovery depends on a variety of factors, including your overall health and your ability to maintain a steady weight after bariatric surgery. Depending on the area being treated, you may need to wear elastic bandages or a compression garment to help your skin adjust to your new contour.

*Individual results may vary

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