Breast Augmentation in Greenbrae, CA

Many women feel that their breasts are not the right size for their body type. With breast augmentation surgery becoming safer, more women are considering breast augmentation as a way to develop fuller breasts or to have breasts that have a different shape. However, they might wonder what to expect after the procedure.

The Greenbrae, CA Breast Augmentation Aftermath

After having breast augmentation surgery, it is important that patients avoid performing heavy physical activity within the first three weeks. Patients will need to sleep on their backs until the pain and swelling goes away. The implants will not drop right away, and patients may also discover that one implant drops faster than the other. Massaging the implants can encourage them to drop sooner. Depending on where the implants were placed, the patient might experience pressure in the chest that will dissipate over time. Patients will also feel a lot of pressure on the breasts and may feel stiff when waking up in the morning.

Breast Augmentation Symptoms Eventually Go Away

Patients in Greenbrae, CA who receive breast augmentation surgery from Dr. Robert Aycock will eventually see the symptoms go away. The body simply needs to readjust to the implants.