Why Consider Breast Enlargement?

Breast enlargement, also known as breast augmentation, is an extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure that helps women achieve their ideal breast appearance and improve self-image. Women who have lost volume due to aging or pregnancy, or who have had a mastectomy can also benefit from augmentation. If you are self-conscious about small breast size or your breasts are asymmetrical, you may benefit from an enlargement procedure. Silicone implants let you chose the size, shape and texture to get the results you’ve always imagined.

Benefits of Augmentation

A physical change can be a great catalyst for emotional change, as well. Women who choose to enhance their figures with silicone breast implants enjoy a very positive impact on their lives. Patients report having increased confidence in social, professional and romantic interactions, and many women draw on this newfound confidence to make bold steps in different aspects of their lives.

How It’s Done

Dr. Robert Aycock performs breast augmentation surgery after a thorough consultation during which all of the benefits, risks and healing information are presented. Incisions are most often placed under the breast. The new generation, FDA-approved silicone gel implants (saline is available also) are inserted underneath the pectoral muscle and sutures are used to close up the incisions.

Recovery Period

Breast enlargement patients can expect some downtime, which varies by the individual’s healing progress and lifestyle. Most patients will take one week off work and will not typically resume aerobic activity for six weeks. Pain medication and antibiotics help control discomfort and encourage successful healing. Swelling may last up to several months and some patients may experience some bruising.

Dr. Aycock will give you detailed instructions for the care of your incision sites and explain your timeline for resuming normal activities. If you have any questions about healing, our team is readily available to make sure you get through the recovery process smoothly.

To learn more about breast augmentation with silicone implants, please contact Dr. Robert Aycock to set up a consultation. Also visit Dr. Aycock’s Facebook page under Bay Area’sPremier Aesthetic Surgery and Laser Center.