Am I a Good Candidate For Hair Restoration?

Let’s face it: Everyone wants a full head of hair.

But whether you have a thinning hairline or have lost a decent chunk of hair, it might feel like your only recourse for a full head of hair is expensive (and painful!) surgery. In previous years, that was your only option, as the only type of hair restoration surgery available involved surgically grafting hair onto the scalp. This type of surgery usually resulted in obvious-looking results, thanks to surgical scars and a hairline that didn’t quite look right.

man examining his hair

And let’s not even get started on toupees!

That’s why board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock is delighted to offer patients the NeoGraft Hair Restoration solution at his Bay Area practices in Walnut Creek, CA and Greenbrae, CA. NeoGraft Hair Restoration is different from other solutions because it transfers individual follicles from donor areas (typically the hair at the back of the scalp) to the front of the scalp. The transfer is done via technology, which means the hair is quickly and accurately placed.

Best of all, NeoGraft uses digital imagery to places the hair follicles along your natural hairline, which produces a much more natural result.

Hair restoration infographic

Want to know if you’re a good candidate for NeoGraft Hair Restoration? You may see great results from this procedure if:

  • You have thinning hair
  • Most of your hair loss is at the front of the scalp
  • You have enough hair in the donor area for the procedure
  • You have realistic expectations for the treatment

Ready to learn more about NeoGraft Hair Restoration? Schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock in Walnut Creek, CA (925)-937-8377 or Greenbrae, CA (415) 925-1700.

Dr. Aycock serves the greater San Francisco Bay area.

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