How Are Drugstore Skincare Products Different From Dr. Aycock’s Products?

If you’ve looked at board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Aycock’s skincare shop, you’ve probably noticed that he has plenty of solutions for a variety of complexion woes. Whether you have aging symptoms or you still have acne breakouts, Dr. Aycock’s products can help you reveal brighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

However, many people also notice that Dr. Aycock’s products tend to cost more than drugstore skincare products. They often ask: “How are drugstore skincare products different from Dr. Aycock’s products?”

Advanced Skincare Products Bay Area

The Difference a Doctor Can Make

Here’s the key difference: the products that Dr. Aycock is able to offer is different from common drug stores because they’re only available to plastic surgeons, physicians, and dermatologists. That means drugstores, department stores, and even store favorites like Ulta and Sephora don’t have the ability to offer these skincare lines.

Some of the most advanced skincare products are developed by teams of experienced dermatologists in innovative, making them a bit more expensive than, say, a drugstore product that’s replicating a tried-and-true formula. For that reason, you’ll end up paying a little extra for these products, simply because a lot of time and funding went into researching the best possible formula for your particular complexion concern.

Advanced Skincare Products Bay Area
Advanced Skincare Products Bay Area
Advanced Skincare Products Bay Area
Advanced Skincare Products Bay Area

Finally, many of these skincare products were developed to complement cosmetic procedures, like laser skin resurfacing, facials, and more. That means they’re a lot more advanced and powerful than anything you might find at your local pharmacy!

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