If you’re undergoing breast augmentation, you may be thinking about how great you’ll look in your clothes – not the fact that you may need to have your breast implants removed in the future.

Breast implant removal and replacement is a common part of the breast augmentation experience. That’s why many women walk into their breast augmentation consultations with this pressing question:

“How long can I leave in my breast implants?”

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Best-Case Scenario: Up to 10 Years

For healthy candidates who do not develop any future diseases and have not experienced capsular contracture, they can expect to leave in their breast implants for up to 10 years.

That’s because today’s implants are able to last much longer than in previous generations, as the materials they’re made from are safer and more durable. Plus, many implant manufacturers have placed warranties on their implants. The average breast implant warranty lasts for about five years, but many patients may be offered implants that last for 10 years or longer.

Signs Your Breast Implants Need to Be Removed

In some cases, patients may find that they need their breast implants removed and/or replaced well before a manufacturer’s warranty. Some signs you may need your breast implants removed may include:

  • You’re unhappy with your results: Some patients are unhappy with the results of their breast augmentation procedure and want another plastic surgeon to correct what’s been done.
  • You no longer want your implants: A number of patients want to remove their breast implants because they no longer want them.
  • You want to change your implant size: Whether you want to increase or decrease your implant size, your original breast implant needs to be removed to make room for the new implant.
  • You have capsular contracture: If you have a build-up of scar tissue around your implants, you may need your implants removed and replaced so your plastic surgeon can remove the scar tissue.
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