At what age should a woman stop wearing a bikini?

A May 2011 Today Show story highlighted a recent poll of 2000 women who put the bikini’s “expiration date” at age 47. Miniskirts were pinned at 35, and stilettos at 35. Editor-in-chief of Allure Magazine Linda Wells disagreed with the findings, saying that “the message should not be that you can’t wear these things after a certain age, the message is to take a look at yourself and wear them with confidence if you feel good about it.”

A panel of health and beauty experts agreed that it’s not about age, it’s about appropriateness and that “if it’s a matter of gravity, there are things that can help you.”

Matching What’s Outside to Inner Beauty

Beauty is more than skin deep, and attractiveness is not defined by age. Most men will tell you that confidence is an attractive trait, even more so than physical features. If you are missing that key confidence due to dissatisfaction with your physical appearance, cosmetic surgery that is performed with great skill and personalization can help you accentuate your natural beauty. An experienced, successful cosmetic surgeon is able to play upon the strength of your positive features and downplay or restore your weaker ones for a beautiful reinvention.

Cosmetic Surgery for a Bikini-Ready Body

Dr. Robert Aycock is one such San Francisco cosmetic surgeon who has helped many women enhance their figures with safe, state-of-the-art procedures. Liposuction can minimize fat deposits in places like the thighs, love handles, and stomach, and is extremely useful when diet and fitness efforts fail. A tummy tuck can help you get rid of the stubborn tummy pouch, and breast surgery can enhance and lift sagging or small breasts. Other procedures like the buttock lift, leg lift, and arm lift can target specific body areas to get you back in the bikini game.

Choosing Your Swim Attire


Today’s swimwear styles are creative and cater to all body types. From the Brazilian bikini to the modest one-piece, there is something for everyone out there. If you prefer to ease your way back to the bikini, try a tankini that combines a tank top for more coverage with a normal bikini bottom. Visit a comprehensive swimwear shop and play with different shapes and fits until you find one that flatters. Experts agree the golden rule of choosing swimwear is only this: wear what you feel comfortable in.

As many women age, descriptions of their personal style often change from “hot” and “sexy” to “tasteful” or “classy.” Whether your philosophy is “leave something to the imagination” or “flaunt it if you’ve got it,” Dr. Aycock and his team can help you fine-tune your shape with state-of-the-art body contouring procedures.

To quote Today Show co-anchor Natalie Morales, “If Sharon Stone can do it at age 53, then why can’t you?”

Discover the cosmetic surgery treatments that could help you get your body bikini-ready. For a personalized discussion of your options, please contact Dr. Robert Aycock.