Skin Rejuvenation Regimen Throughout the Year

Throughout winter, spring, summer, and fall, your skin has a variety of needs that change as you adjust to differences in temperature, humidity, sunlight, and even factors such as the amount of work and life stressors you go through. Your skin needs appropriate care during every part of the year, and understanding a proper skin rejuvenation regimen can help you to keep your skin looking healthy whether you’re lounging poolside or skiing the slopes. While every climate is different, and skin care factors often depend on the different changes that happen where you live, here are some general seasonal tips you might find helpful.


Winter often comes with a drop in humidity and the lack of moisture in the air can cause dry skin, increasing the importance of treatments such as Oxygen Facials. In addition, cold temperatures and the chance of dry winds can bring out latent skin issues such as eczema, which can be treated with a variety of gentle peels and soothing treatments. Skin Presence MD’s Hydrating B5 Serum is the perfect hydrating gel for dry winter skin. Combined with our Peptide Rich Moisture Cream, your skin will be protected from the harsh winter elements. Life factors such as a lack of exercise due to frigid temperatures and holiday eating habits can lead to excess weight gain, and losing that weight later and keeping it off for good can leave behind stretch marks. Laser treatments are available to take care of these and other unwanted marks on your skin. Moreover, winter is often a stressful time due to holiday travel, busy schedules, and the end-of-year workload at your job. You may want to consider a simple injectable filler to treat fine lines and wrinkles that stress and exposure to harsh elements can cause.


Spring brings back the excitement of enjoying outdoor activities again for many people. However, too much sun exposure can cause a wide range of issues from age spots to fine lines. Laser treatments can help to lessen the appearance of these skin issues and bring back a healthier complexion. It is always important to remember to wear sunscreen outdoors to keep that complexion as fresh as possible as well. Skin Presence MD’s Mineral SPF 30 is the perfect lightweight physical sunblock for easy, everyday use. Additionally, a Microdermabrasion Facial or Brightening Peel can help to treat sun damaged skin and improve the appearance of your skin as a whole. This year, be prepared early when the sunny days return so that you will be ready to show off that healthy glow.


The hot, sunny days of summer bring along quite a few complications for your skin. Sunscreen use is vital, as with all seasons, but if you are still showing signs of sun damage such as flat, discolored spots on the skin, there are a variety of treatments to choose from. A simple chemical peel can go deep into the layers of the skin that have been damaged and remove them, leaving behind fresh skin new that can heal quickly and bring back a youthful appearance. A topical antioxidant, such as Skin Presence MD C Serum, is crucial for your skin as it faces the free radical damage that comes from excess sun exposure. Also, the excessive sweating that comes along with summer can lead to breakouts as dirt and sweat mingle in your pores to create pimples and blackheads. A variety of facials can help with this, including a specialized deep pore acne facial that will help soothe over-active oil glands and provide the deep cleansing to extract dirt particles so that you will have a clearer complexion.


Fall brings with it a mix of skin care concerns, as the change from warm and sunny days to cold and dry days flip-flops back and forth for weeks on end. Your skin can benefit from chemical peels, such as a festive pumpkin peel, rich in restorative antioxidants, to help remove the summer sun’s damage to your complexion. Additionally, a facial such as the Intraceutical® Oxygen Facial can provide optimal rehydration, antioxidants, and vitamins as you protect your skin in advance from the harsh climate of winter to come. Fall is a perfect time to think about adding Skin Presence MD’s RX Hydroquinone 4% and Tretinoin .05%. When combined, these two prescription strength treatments both brighten stubborn dark spots, and remove cellular buildup, leaving you with soft, smooth, and bright skin!

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