If you are considering reshaping your figure with the help of a skilled cosmetic surgeon, timing is an important factor and can have a direct impact on your results and satisfaction.

Certain body contouring procedures are recommended only at specific stages of life. For instance,

  • The results of a tummy tuck or breast lift are best maintained by women who do not plan to have children after the surgery.
  • Liposuction to remove fat in targeted areas is only suggested after diet and exercise efforts have failed, only on patients with a healthy overall weight.
  • Breast enlargement should only be performed on women over age 18 who have a thorough understanding of how a new breast size will impact their lives.
  • The Mommy Makeover is recommended for women who are done having children.

Healthy Expectations

Your state-of-mind before and after a body contouring procedure is also a factor in the long-term success of your efforts. Dr. Robert Aycock requires that all his patients have realistic expectations of what surgery can and cannot do. Focusing on a healthy lifestyle after surgery is the best way to maintain your results and positive body image.

As you consider the plethora of body contouring options available to you, advice from our experienced Bay Area plastic surgeon can help you choose the ideal procedures — and decide if the time is right for you to move forward.

Moving Forward With Body Contouring

Tour our plastic surgery facility, review before and after photos, and receive one-on-one information about the body contouring options offered by our practice. Should you have concerns regarding financial options to move forward with your surgery, patient financing is available.

If you’d like to learn more about our body contouring capabilities, please contact Dr. Robert Aycock to set up your in-depth personal consultation.