Walnut creek Skin ResurfacingIf you’re looking for a picture-perfect complexion, a laser resurfacing treatment is one of the best ways to achieve your goal. Laser resurfacing is an excellent procedure to treat common complexion issues, including hyperpigmentation, acne scars, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines, and more. With a few laser resurfacing sessions, clients can see smoother and clearer skin that’s ready for its close-up.

But how exactly should you prepare for your laser resurfacing treatment? Take a look at the top recommendations to ensure you make the most of your procedure:

  • Avoid the sun: One of the worst things you can do both before and after your laser resurfacing treatment is to expose yourself to the sun. When you go outside, make sure you’re wearing plenty of sun protection, including sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Getting a sunburn could affect the results of your treatment. This step is also crucial after your treatment, as your skin will be extremely sensitive to UV rays and therefore more prone to burning.
  • Take antiviral medications: If you’re prone to herpes outbreaks around the mouth (cold sores), your plastic surgeon may recommend that you take antiviral medications in order to suppress an outbreak. Make sure you discuss your medical history with your plastic surgeon, as he or she will need to know if any conditions could affect the results of your laser resurfacing treatment.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications: Your plastic surgeon will also recommend that you stop taking blood-thinning medications for at least one week before your procedure. Blood-thinning medications can delay the healing process, which means you’ll spend more time recovering from your treatment.

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