January is the perfect time to do something just for you. Refreshing your look with plastic surgery is one way to ring in the new year. A plastic surgery team provides so many possibilities for facial rejuvenation. With a variety of affordable facial procedures, you can defy time and minimize those persistent signs of aging.

Whether you’ve got bags under the eyes, drooping eyelids, creases around the mouth, forehead wrinkles or sagging skin around the jawline, both nonsurgical and surgical treatments can help you take years off your appearance.

  • Nonsurgical facial options are generally less expensive than the surgical facial procedures and require less healing time.

A skilled plastic surgeon who offers competitive pricing and convenient payment plans can help you get the facial enhancements you want without stressing your budget. Here is a quick glance at some of the nonsurgical facial makeover options available to help you look your best and feel more vibrant.

Botox® CosmeticStop those brow and forehead creases from dampening your look with this safe, injectable substance that works by relaxing the muscles that cause facial wrinkling.

Injectable Fillers — Injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse,® Sculptra, Restylane,® and Perlane® can help you fill in sunken facial areas, wrinkles and creases and add volume to features affected by loss of collagen or elasticity.

Fat TransferFat cells are harvested from your body to fill in deep facial creases and add fullness to areas such as the cheeks and mid-face.

Laser Resurfacing — A variety of skin imperfections can be corrected with laser resurfacing, a treatment that uses the power of light to remove the top layer of damaged skin, revealing a tighter, more toned complexion. Fractional laser resurfacing by Sciton offers a quick recovery (2-5 days) with resulting rejuvenated skin.

Sciton MicroLaser™ Peel — Improve the overall look of your facial skin with this epidermal laser peel that removes skin’s outer layer, effectively targeting wrinkles, scars and pigmentation problems.

Today is a great day to plan a special treat for yourself! If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of facial rejuvenation, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Aycock can meet with you to discuss your new look and the affordable financing available at his San Francisco Bay area practice.

—Lindsey Kesel, Cosmetic Surgery Consultant